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Video/Audio Conversion Policy

Film Reels


Webster Parish Library offers equipment, for use by staff, to convert analog video and audio into a digital format for library patrons with an active library account.

Available equipment, while non-exclusive, can convert the following into a digital format:

  • VHS Cassette Tapes

  • VHS-C Cassette Tapes

  • Standard Audio Cassette


Patrons may drop off VHS tapes to be converted to DVD by designated staff.

Webster Parish Library will not be held responsible for any errors which occur during use of the equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Errors in the conversion into digital files.

  • Errors pertaining to the quality of the cassette.

  • Errors pertaining to the equipment.

  • Errors pertaining to the software.

  • Damage, of any type, to the original cassette tapes or media to which digital files are transferred.


In addition, the Webster Parish Library will not be liable for copyright infringement or any other violation of the law related to video/audio conversion performed by a Library staff member on the patron’s behalf.  Each patron assumes all responsibility for observing copyright restrictions and other laws.  In the event a patron has a staff member perform an unlawful conversion, the patron agrees to indemnify the Library for any damages the Library suffers as a result of patron’s actions/request.  The Library reserves the right to refuse any request for conversion services where the Library or any staff member feels a violation of the law may occur as a result of such conversion. 


Staff members are required to observe all laws related to the lawful reproduction of materials when using the conversion equipment for Library or personal use.  If a staff member has any questions regarding the lawful use of such equipment, they should speak with their supervisor.    




Webster Parish Library will provide, subject to the restrictions set out in this policy, video/audio conversion services to the public which include:

  • Converting original cassette medium into a digital file(s)

  • Burning digitized video/audio files onto disc(s)


Staff will not edit content for patrons.


The following parameters are necessary for a patron to utilize the video/audio conversion service:

  • Patrons must have an active library card/account.

  • Patrons can drop off materials at any time to a Reference staff member.

  • Patrons will be charged $1.00 per disc or $5.00 per flash drive being used for the conversion(s).

  • Patrons must sign a release form prior to leaving materials.

  • Once notified of completion, patrons must pick up their materials within 30 days.

  • No materials may be submitted for conversion services, which are subject to copyright or otherwise protected from reproduction/conversion under the law.  Patron agrees to indemnify the Webster Parish Library in the event any claim is made against the Library for violation of copyright or other violation of the law as a result of the conversion. 


The following parameters are required for staff to accept materials from a patron to utilize the video/audio conversion service:

  • Staff must review this form with patrons and collect their signature to use the service.

  • Staff must record, in a designated log, the patron’s information regarding the materials to be left.

  • Staff must verify with the patron that the materials are not subject to copyright or otherwise protected from reproduction/conversion under the law. 

  • Staff will provide an estimated time of completion.

  • Staff will contact the patron once the conversion process is complete and inform the patron of the cost.

Board Approved July 26, 2022

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