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Meet Your Event Programmers

Dedicated to serving you. 

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What's a Programmer?

Libraries are many things to their communities. They offer the practical information people need to improve their quality of life and to increase individual options in a complex society—information about health, education, business, childcare, computers, the environment, looking for a job... and much more.

Libraries also give their communities something less tangible, yet just as essential to a satisfying and productive life—nourishment for the spirit. Programs in the humanities and the arts that encourage people to think and talk about ethics and values, history, art, poetry, and other cultures are integral to the library’s mission.

Such programs help to illuminate the experiences, beliefs and values that unite us as human beings. They stimulate us to make connections where we noticed none before—between our ancestors and ourselves, between one culture and another, between the community and the individual.

Our library programmers are tasked with the challenge of fulfilling your needs through interactive workshops, social gatherings, instructional classes, and more. 

Meet Your Programming Team

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Cassidy Duck

Children's Coordinator - Springhill FT

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Karen Jackson

Teen Programmer - Springhill FT

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Aubrie Stahl

Teen Programmer - Minden FT

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Kaitlyn Taylor, MLIS 

Children's Programmer - Minden FT

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Valarie Killgore

Adult Programmer - Minden FT

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