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Local Author Policy

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Local Author Policy

Webster Parish Libraries welcomes the opportunity to provide local authors with space for meeting library patrons, signing their works, selling their works, and talking about their works. There is no charge to the author for use of space. For the purpose of this policy, local authors are defined as current or past residents of Webster Parish, or authors of works directly relating to Webster Parish. Acceptable formats are not limited to traditional print materials and may include Books on CD, EBooks, DVDs, etc.


Local author talks and signings are important to the cultural, historic and literary health of a community; therefore, they are welcomed at library locations in designated areas. Local authors seeking to host work discussion, workshop, or work signings, should consult the Webster Parish Libraries Meeting Room Policy for rules and regulations in addition to the guidelines below if planning to use a meeting room space.


Local authors may be offered space in a meeting room at no cost if available or a space in a public area at a library location. Library Branch Managers or a designee will determine if space is available and which space is to be used. This selection will be based on public service needs and other activities scheduled, as well as the event type that is under consideration. Food may be served in a meeting room space, but requires pre-approval from the Director.


The library will provide tables and chairs if needed and available. Local authors are welcome to provide the library with signs or flyers to put out before the event. All signage is subject to review and approval by the Director. Library staff will not be available to monitor displays or assist with refreshments or the sale of materials. The author is responsible for promoting the event on social media and local news outlets.


Local authors may display, sell, and sign works. Presenters should not plan on the library acting as a sales agent, nor should the author expect the library to purchase works to sell on behalf of the author. The library will not be able to provide change for monetary sales.


Local authors are welcome to discuss their work with interested library patrons. They may not interfere with regular library activities or display materials which are not appropriate for a public venue serving all age groups.


Local authors are encouraged to make arrangements for events at least two months in advance by contacting the Library Branch Manager at the desired location. Local author events are limited to one activity annually per branch and three consecutive hours per session.


The Webster Parish Library Board of Control and administration reserves the right to refuse activities of any type.

Board Approved July 29, 2022

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