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Memorial Donation Policy


The Webster Parish Libraries encourage donations, either monetary or material, as memorials on behalf of local individuals. Only new or ‘like new’ materials published within the last five years will be accepted as memorial donations, and memorial donations will only be accepted if given in memory of an individual or organization that primarily resided in or made significant impact upon Webster Parish. All donors are required to sign a Memorial Donation Waiver Form acknowledging that any gifts or donations made to the Webster Parish Library System, either monetary or material, are accepted with no strings attached. At the point of donation, the monies or materials become the sole property of the library system to be used as the system sees fit.




Donated materials will be evaluated under the same standards outlined in the Collection Development Policy and are accepted with the clear understanding that those not added to the collection may be disposed of as seems desirable to library system. The library will not assess value of these materials for tax purposes.




The library system welcomes monetary donations for the purchase of materials. Donors of monetary gifts may make suggestions of areas of interest that would honor the deceased. The library system will make every effort to honor the donor’s wishes; however, the library system is under no obligation to follow such suggestions.

Board Approved November 3, 2023

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