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Wi-Fi Hotspot Policy

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Checkout Policy



  • Hotspot borrowers must be at least 18 years + one day old.

  • Hotspot borrowers must be cardholders of the Webster Parish Library.

  • Hotspot borrowers must have a cardholder record in good standing

         (i.e., no overdue books, no outstanding fines).

  • Hotspot borrowers must agree to the terms of checkout by signing a Wi-Fi Hotspot Checkout Agreement.

  • Hotspot borrowers must present a valid Library card and a valid Louisiana state-issued driver’s license or identification card at the time of checkout.

  • Hotspot borrowers cannot be on probationary status.





  • Each borrower may only checkout one (1) hotspot at a time.

  • Only one (1) hotspot per household is allowed.

  • Hotspots will be checked out for a period of seven (7) days.

  • Hotspots are renewable for a period of seven (7) additional days if there are no holds.

  • Hotspots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • The Wi-Fi Hotspot Satisfaction Survey and Repair Form must be filled out.  Please have the completed form ready to turn in when you return the hotspot.

  • Hotspots must be returned to the library that they were checked out from on the due date at least 30 minutes before closing.



  • Hotspot borrowers bear the responsibility for damage to the hotspot due to neglect, abuse, loss, or physical damage.

  • Hotspots shall not be put in the book drop or overnight drop box.  They must be returned to a staff member who will check to make sure all items are returned in proper condition.

  • Hotspots may not be used for any illegal purposes.

  • Hotspot borrowers must remain during check-in process and obtain a check-in receipt.  (approximately 5 minutes)

  • Use device and accessories in a clean environment.

  • Keep away from open flames, fire, lit cigarettes, water, and vapors.

  • Do not use any chemical agents (such as alcohol and benzene), chemical detergents, or abrasive powders to clean the device.

  • Do not leave the device or accessories in a place with extreme low or high temperatures (e.g., direct sunlight or hot car for any extended length of time).

  • Use only the accessories provided with the device.

  • Do not remove battery.


Overdue, Lost and Damaged Fees

  • If hotspots are lost, intentionally damaged, or stolen, borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of the hotspot and accessories plus any accrued overdue fines.

  • If a hotspot is not returned on time, a fine of $5 per day will be assessed.

  • If a hotspot is not returned on time it will be declared stolen and the Webster Parish Sheriff’s office will be notified.

Checkout Agreement

Click here for a PDF copy of the hotspot checkout agreement form. You will be asked to complete this form upon checkout of equipment. To hasten checkout time, you can bring a copy of this agreement with you to your local library. ​

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